Bathroom Decor Ideas: Vintage Posters and Art

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Vintage Posters and Art
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So, we have discovered that Stir Cooking School has pretty cool bathroom decor (see Previous Stir Bathroom Decor Posts below) and now we are going to check out their vintage posters and art.

Bathroom decor fresh lobster vintage poster stir cooking school

Quick Disclaimer: I understand that what truly qualifies as authentic, vintage posters is somewhat elusive and left open to interpretation. And, since I’m not a fan of confrontation, we are not going to debate the collectors. Just clarifying, what I refer to as a vintage poster or art is an affordable style, not an expensive collector.

Vintage Posters

Katy, Stir’s owner, did a great job of combining contemporary and vintage interior design with the pops of color correlating with the vintage poster art. If you Google “vintage posters“, you will discover a plethora of options. The choices Stir narrowed down to display are perfect to help continue their story into the bathroom design.

bathroom decor fresh lobster waitress pinched vintage posterFresh Lobster Poster – Katy’s favorite uses a fun play on words. The lobster is getting “fresh” by P-EE-NCHIN’ (as we say in Texas) the waitress’ booty – something many of you guys might like to do. But, I don’t recommend getting any ideas, fellas.

You can find this vintage poster on Zazzle, choose the paper type, and have it custom framed.





bathroom decor bieres de chartres french beer vintage poster

Bieres de Chartres – A reproduction of a vintage French beer advertisement from the 30′s and is infamous in its own right. It is popular enough that it has made two cameo appearances on Friends. Check out the details on Chasing Props.

You can also find this vintage poster on Zazzle, choose the paper type, and have it custom framed.


Vintage Art

The vintage theme continues in Stir’s bathrooms with the metal bathroom signs on the doors to distinguish between the ladies’ and men’s rooms.

Bathroom decor vintage tinkler metal sign stir cooking school

The ladies won’t make the mistake of heading into the Tinkler with this vintage metal sign.

Once they step inside, the guys will not feel like li’l boys when they catch sight of the “yella fella” using the tinkler. (See How to Paint Silhouette Wall Art for details.)

Bathroom decor vintage sitting pretty metal sign stir cooking school

Just like the blue painted silhouette inside and the pin up on this vintage metal sign, a true lady will be sitting pretty in Stir’s ladies’ restroom. (See How to Paint Silhouette Wall Art for details.)

Vintage Poster Dealers

Looking for other vintage poster options? There are many vintage poster dealers on the internet: Retro Planet, All Posters, and Enjoy Art to name a few.

You can also find many vintage signs and posters in boutique and antique stores. Just keep your eyes peeled. Most of the stores will help keep a lookout if you let them know what you are looking for.

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Heads Up

Check back on Wordy Wednesday for Vintage Interior Design defined.

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