Bathroom Designs: How To Paint Silhouette Wall Art

Bathroom Designs: How To Paint Silhouette Wall Art
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Are you planning a DIY bathroom project this weekend? Are you looking for wall art or bathroom design ideas? Yippee! You have come to the right place.

Your front row seat (or desk chair) will take you behind the scenes for the bathroom designs (silhouette wall art) found in both the ladies’ and men’s rooms at Stir Cooking School.

Bathroom Designs Silhouette Wall Art Ladies Stir Cooking School

Did you miss Potty Mouth Tours’ first bathroom tour video? It is not to late to check out the Virtual Tour at Stir Cooking School.

Who Created the Bathroom Designs?

The owner of Stir Cooking School wanted something fun in the bathrooms that would make her guests smile. Stir’s interior designer, Momoko Morton, and her partner at Naka Designs came up with the idea for the silhouette wall art.

“Because Katy is young, vivacious, full of character, and easy going, we knew we could get away with doing something a little bit risqué as long as it was in good taste.” ~ Momoko

Bathroom Designs Silhouette Wall Art School Cooking School MensWhy Silhouette Paintings for the Wall Art?

As mentioned in the previous article, Bathroom Fixtures: Lighting and Hooks at Stir Cooking School, the items chosen for Stir’s interior design were all “super budget oriented”. This message is part of Stir’s design story and Momoko stresses that everything does not have to be over the top or expensive.

“…it’s amazing what some paint and fun colors can do to a space.” ~ Momoko

BONUS: Not only are silhouette paintings inexpensive bathroom design ideas, they are also a pretty simple DIY project.

Simple Steps to Paint Silhouette Wall Art

I’m going to break down this bathroom design into a few simple steps**:

  1. Be resourceful and find a figure or shape (your doggy or Eiffel Tower). The internet is a great resource.
  2. Get the creative juices flowing and determine how and where you want the figure to appear, i.e. size, angle, stretched onto the ceiling, or hovering over a toilet like Stir’s woman silhouette painting.
  3. Buy, rent, or borrow a projector (overhead or even an old school classroom projectors works). See Projector Suggestions below.
  4. Grab your pencil bag and a safety helmet. Trace the outline of the projection on the wall. If you’re stretching to the ceiling, have someone hold the ladder (this is where the safety helmet comes in handy).
  5. Have some fun and fill in the outline with a paint color of your choice. Just be careful not to color outside the lines. Part of the fun is thinking outside the box. Choose a color that pops or contrasts with the background. What fun is it to put the hard work in, if you cannot even see your finished project? It may go without saying, but protect the surroundings with paint drop cloths.
  6. Smile and enjoy – You added to your story with this bathroom design and now you can pat yourself on the back when your guests “ooo” and “ahh”.

Projector Suggestions

There are many projector options: handheld, pocket-size, portable, overhead, etc. And, there are many places you can find them: some libraries will loan them, rent from an Audio/Video store, or buy online. Walmart offers Site-to-Store options or Get Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or More at!
AAXA P3 Pocket Pico DLP ProjectorAAXA P3 Pico Projector

The AAXA P3 fits in your pocket or small clutch and is still able to produce “big, bright, brilliant images”. And it is powered by the on-board battery.



AAXA P4-X Pico Projector with HDMI PortAAXA P4X Pico Projector with HDMI Port

The AAXA P4-X combines ultra-compact (weighs under a half pound), long-lasting LED projection technology, a built-in media player, and comes with a li-ion rechargeable battery.

Have a great time with your bathroom designs. I would love to hear how YOUR silhouette wall art turns out.

Heads Up

More bathroom decorating ideas coming this month: Vintage Posters and Art.

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**If you like more specific details, I recommend checking out How to Paint a Silhouette on a Wall.

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