Bathroom Fixtures: Lighting and Hooks at Stir Cooking School

Bathroom Fixtures: Lighting and Hooks at Stir Cooking School
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So many details go into completing a bathroom’s story; and, bathroom fixtures, including lighting and special touches like bathroom hooks, can add a simple or bold statement. These bathroom fixtures and special touches can be costly, but they can also add big bang for a little buck.

As promised in the Virtual Tour at Stir Cooking School, this month we will go behind the scenes for insider information and the first behind the scenes look will be at Stir’s bathroom lighting and door hooks to give you a few bathroom ideas.

Decorating on a Budget

The national average cost of a bathroom addition is $37,501 which has risen from 2012. So, finding creative and simple ways to cut costs becomes an important goal and is completely attainable.

“Everything doesn’t have to be over the top or expensive.” ~Momo, Stir’s Interior Designer

In regards to decorating within a reasonable budget, Momo went on to explain that the items they picked “…were all super budget oriented; but, I think that’s actually a cool part of the story.”

One of the easiest ways to save money on bathroom fixtures is to shop for and buy them yourself rather than relying on a sales person or contractor to add their mark-up.

Looking for great ways to find inexpensive bathroom fixtures?

  • Shop Online – There are clearances, discount websites, promo codes, and lots of online sales that can make your treasure hunt worthwhile.
  • Recycle – Find something older and make it new – a little paint can go a long way.
  • Free Bins – Often stores are getting rid of their inventory and if you are flexible and in the right place right time, you could score big.
  • Big Box Stores – You might be saying, “Ugh!”. But, while specialty stores can have custom and unique choices, larger stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Walmart, or IKEA can offer less expensive (and occasionally unique) alternatives. USA, LLC
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Bathroom Light Fixtures

Speaking of “Big Box Stores”, that is one way Stir Cooking School was able to keep their design “super budget oriented”. The pendant bathroom lighting fixtures came from Home Depot and complete the contemporary style that is part of their bathrooms’ story.

home depot bathroom fixtures lighting ladies stir cooking school

Stir Cooking School Lighting Fixture in Ladies’ Room

The pendant lighting in the ladies’ room reminds me of vintage nautical ship spotlight with a polished chrome effect.

Home Depot Lighting Fixture Stir Cooking School Men's Room

Bathroom Lighting Fixture in Stir Cooking School’s Men’s Room

The men’s room is lit by a mini-pendant, brushed nickel lighting fixture that includes a clear glass shade with ribbing.

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Door Hooks

One vintage component of Stir Cooking School’s Contemporary Vintage Interior Design described by Momo is the coat and apron hangers on the back of each bathroom door. The door hooks were found at an antique store, an example of recycling, a budget design method.

Bathroom Fixture Door Hook Stir Cooking School

The bathroom hooks have the letter “S” on them, so they fit perfectly for “Stir” and add to their bathrooms’ story.

Heads Up

More bathroom decorating ideas coming this month: Silhouette Paintings and Vintage Posters and Art.

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