Day of the Dead Bathroom Theme – Part 1 of 2

Day of the Dead Bathroom Theme - Part 1 of 2
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I am going to admit when I first heard my friend Katy had a Day of the Dead bathroom, I was a bit skeptical. But, while researching this idea for a bathroom story, I have fallen in love with the Day of the Dead theme.

Day of the Dead glass tiles fun skeleton direct from mexico

What is Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)?

Day of the Dead Frida Sugar SkullOne of the biggest holidays and celebrations in Mexico, Día de los Muertos, a.k.a. Day of the Dead is becoming more common in areas of the United States and somewhat “en vogue”. Because the celebrations begin at midnight on October 31st and the festivities are abundant in images related to death, a common misperception is that Día de los Muertos is a spanish Halloween. On the contrary, the beauty of this holiday is the belief that the memories of those that have died should be celebrated.

It is a fascinating holiday and the story** can be told tastefully and uniquely with these designs via a Bathroom Story.

Day of the Dead Story Ideas

Day of the Dead bathroom black and yellow wallsBecause Día de los Muertos is a celebration, bright colors are very common; and, since the celebration is also respecting the memory of those that have died, there naturally are dark colors. Implementing this central element, can easily be done with painted walls. Depending on your taste and bathroom size, you can paint all walls black and implement pops of bright colors with accessories or decorative shower tiles; or, you can paint three walls with one bright color and have a dark accent wall with touches of colorful decor.

An effective approach to creating your bathroom’s story and deciding the colors you will use is to find one item you love, gain inspiration, and incorporate the design and decor around the colors, shapes, and features of the loved item.

Below are a few Day of the Dead bathroom ideas to begin your bathroom’s story:

Day of the Dead Shower Curtain***

Chic, silly, or artistic… however you qualify it, this customized curtain is a colorful and unique choice to center your design around.

Check out more details and start your design with CafePress now.

Day of the Dead Shower Curtain Bride Skeleton

Day of the Dead Shower Curtain Groom Skeleton

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Rug****

This colorful and lively area rug brightens a bathroom in an instant and provides so many options to help unfold your Day of the Dead story.

Get it Now on CafePress

day of the dead skull rug

BONUS: CafePress discount code at bottom of this post.

Day of the Dead Decorative Tiles – Whatever your hobby or passion, you will be able to implement it into your Day of the Dead Bathroom Story with the plethora of decorative tile options. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Day of the Dead Altar

Specifics of celebrations vary with regions, but one of the most common customs is the making of elaborate altars to welcome departed spirits home.

Monday I will give you ideas how to design and implement your own Day of the Dead Altar into your Bathroom Story.

Unique Day of the Dead Bathroom Accessories

It’s all about the accessories, right?

Lighting Fixtures

I love these two bathroom light fixtures for a Day of the Dead Bathroom Story because the floral detail, an intricate part of the story and the bright colors that pop as they peek through the hammered metal.

Delilah Punched Pendant Lamp
Delilah Punched Pendant Lamp Day of the Dead Cost Plus World Market

This handcrafted Pendant Lamp’s exterior is finished in a versatile pewter coating, and the inside is painted a bright pink for surprising creative contrast… [More]

Cost Plus World Market Day of the Dead Pendants Get Yours Now

Oversized Punched Metal Pendant Lamp

Day of the Dead Oversized Pendant Lamp Cost Plus World Market

An absolutely radiant statement piece, this handcrafted Pendant Lamp illuminates your space with drama…. [More]

DEAL: $199.99 Get it Now


Creepy Pumpkin Pillar Candles

Day of the Dead Creepy Pumpkin Halloween Candle

I bought this candle and love it! It can work as Day of the Dead or Halloween candle as the ghastly skulls, pumpkins and bats seem to dance from the internal glow and work together to form a large skull… [More]

DEAL: $5.99 Get it Now


****Mustache Sugar Skull Rug and even more Day of the Dead Rugs at CafePress.

Day of the Dead mustache sugar skull rug


Day of the Dead Folk Art Mirror – Unique and fun skeleton scenes printed on glass tile frame this mirror. If you like to see yourself from all angles, there is a choice of small, medium, or large.

Day of the Dead Mirror directfrommexico

Day of the Dead Talavera sink, delicately hand painted in vibrant yellows and blues, different sink sizes available.

Day of the Dead Talavera toilet delicately hand painted ceramic, matching toilet seat is optional.

Day of the Dead Sink Terra Artesana

Day of the Dead Toilet Terra artesana

***Check out many more fun and unique Day of the Dead shower curtains at CafePress!

day of the dead vintage skull and roses shower curtain

Day of the Dead Bathroom Fun

So Fun! What bathroom (and kid at heart) doesn’t need a Day of the Dead Rubber Duck?

Score – it’s only $3.74!

Day of the Dead Rubber Duck Cost Plus

Day of the Dead Bike Chic Coffee Mug

As a unique coffee mug collector, I could not resist showcasing this fun and customizable mug designed by Boneyfied.

Customize your colors and mug style now.

day of the dead bike chic coffee mug

Noggin Off to Sleep Pouf from ModCloth

Pillow for your sitting area, doggy bed, or because you just have to have it. This is one of my favorite Day of the Dead finds.

Day of the Dead Noggin Off Sleep Pouf ModCloth


I hope you feel inspired and will begin your Day of the Dead Bathroom Story. Please share your creations and other Day of the Dead ideas with me and other readers.

** To learn more about the fascinating holiday and story of Día de los Muertos, check out Day of the Dead Honors the Deceased and Day of the Dead Photo Gallery.

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