And on the Eighth Day God Created Bathrooms

And on the Eighth Day God Created Bathrooms
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Why Bathrooms?

If you are still scratching your head, wondering “Why all the hype about bathrooms?”, keep reading and I will give you the lowdown of why bathrooms are important and should not be ignored.

Bathrooms are a Destination

How many hours a day do you spend in the bathroom? More time than relaxing on vacation, if you are like the average American. Combining toilet, shower, & teeth-brushing time, a person typically spends more than three hours per day in the bathroom. Oh, and if you add in bathroom selfies, that time skyrockets. The sad news – that number adds up to more time than the average American spends on vacation each year.

What better proof that your home or business bathroom needs and deserves attention? If you and your guests will spend more time in the bathroom than on vacation, the bathroom is a destination and needs to be transformed into a personal getaway. At home – a sanctuary and relaxing place to unwind. At a venue – part of the journey and experience.

And on the Eight Day…

Bathroom decor ampersand sign from Modcloth Lampersand from ModCloth

after God rested, He created bathrooms. Because, bathrooms are a vessel of communication and the space you can shout your personality. Do not let your bathroom become a missed opportunity to make a statement. Whether it is a whisper with scoops of color, like on a tasty ice cream cone; or, if it is many exclamation points shouting your story, like the custom painted toilet seat. Just seize the opportunity to make a statement.

If variety is the spice of life, imagine what it will do for your bathroom.

Bathrooms are the Shoe That Makes the Outfit

As I say in Potty Mouth Tours’ Funny Commercial Trailer, bathrooms tell a story and are like the shoe that completes the outfit.

bathrooms tell a story like a shoe completes an outfit

How lame is a joke when the teller forgets the punchline? VERY! It is the same concept with a home or venue that displays thoughtful decor with individuality; yet, when you check out the bathroom, it is a blank slate (that is what I consider an “Uh-Oh” bathroom). The bathroom is the final touch that completes the story.

Considering the punchline, vessel of communication, and destination, the hype about bathrooms is a story that cannot be ignored.

How are you feeling about bathrooms now? Please share a favorite or unfortunate “Uh-Oh” bathroom you have checked out.

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