Funny Video: Potty Mouth Tours’ Bathroom Tour Commercial

Funny Video: Potty Mouth Tours' Bathroom Tour Commercial
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This funny video is not just a love story, it is Potty Mouth Tours‘ bathroom tour commercial.

Countdown to more Potty Mouth Tours Funny Videos It is countdown time…

Potty Mouth Tours will officially be launching on Monday, October 9, 2013 with more videos. Woop! Woop!

Check this $#!+ out and get a taste of what is to come on

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Spoiler Alert: The first virtual bathroom tour will be of Stir Cooking School.

You do not want to miss it. Grab your friends and check Bathroom Tours next week to see it.

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The background, Bathroom Dance Music song for this funny video is Everything At Once – Two (Bonus Track Version) by Lenka**.

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Neneh Biffinger is the Creator and Tour Guide of Potty Mouth Tours. Her mission is to discover unique, outrageous, and uh-oh bathrooms while giving them a voice to tell their stories. Potty Mouth Tours is a fun, interactive, and informative site about all things bathroom.
Find out more at Potty Mouth Tours 411.

**Sony/ATV owns the rights to this song. Sony/ATV have approved this video (with this song) as a UGC (user generated content) recording. This commercial trailer is not monetized.

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