How to Penny Tile Your Bathroom – Part 2 of 3

How to Penny Tile Your Bathroom - Part 2 of 3
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Potty Mouth Tours continues with Part 2 of Naomi Haverland’s instructions on how to tile your bathroom with pennies. By now you should have your equipment, supplies, and pattern plan.

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Bathroom Tiling Step Three: Fashion an Assembly Line

I used “liquid nails” to adhere the pennies to the wall. This part of the process was painstakingly slow. I never anticipated gluing that many pennies to the wall would take as long as it did. I recommend recruiting a LOT of people to help you.

How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Stall Potty Mouth Tours

I sped up the process by creating somewhat of an assembly line of jobs. One person would lay pennies out flat onto a tray. Another person would use a popsicle stick to dab a small amount of glue onto every penny, and then pass the tray onto someone else who would stick them one by one onto the wall. We did this a couple hours a day for about two months.

How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Assembly Potty Mouth Tours

“Helpers were essential!” ~Naomi

Bathroom Tiling Step Four: Navigate and Cut Corners

Since I wanted the pennies to go right to the edge of the square tiles, I had to cut some in order to make it look right. After a lot of trial and error, I discovered that the only way to cut through a penny is using tin snips. Also, I wanted the pennies that were in the corner to bend onto the adjacent wall; so, I used two pliers to bend the pennies so they would sit flush into the corners.

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How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Potty Mouth Tours

Tiles near the perimeter had to be cut.

Bathroom Tiling Step Five: Embrace 3D

For the portion of pennies that are tiled around the mirror, I first did some surface sculpting. I created some dimension to the surface using spray insulation. Then I sanded the foam with a palm sander to give it the right shape. Next, I covered it using dry wall plaster, building up more dimension and shaping it further.

How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Mirror Potty Mouth Tours

Gluing the pennies to this 3D surface was the same as gluing them to the flat wall. I didn’t bend them to be flush with the curve, although I did have to cut a lot of pennies to fill in the edges of the “drips” where there are only partial pennies.

How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Mirror Potty Mouth Tours

Now you are three steps closer to your own unique, penny tiled bathroom. Tomorrow, we will release Naomi’s last two steps, so you can complete your project.

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