How to Tile Your Bathroom – Penny Style – Part 3 of 3

How to Tile Your Bathroom - Penny Style - Part 3 of 3
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Naomi Haverland shares with Potty Mouth Tours the last steps for how to tile your bathroom with pennies. With the previous steps, equipment, helpers, and penny layout, your project plans or execution should be underway.

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Bathroom Tiling Step Six: Fill in the Gaps

How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Potty Mouth Tours

Be sure to cover surfaces with plastic before grouting.

The next step was grouting. This was the most rewarding part, because it covered the messy glue that was visible between the pennies, and because it gave the whole wall a sharp finished feel.

I used unsanded grout.

How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Potty Mouth Tours

All ready for grouting!

TIP:  Typically, if the space between your tiles is more than a millimeter, you use sanded grout. However, I decided not to do that with this project, because the height of the pennies was significantly shallower then a typical tile. I found it best to use unsanded grout.
How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Stall Potty Mouth Tours
You can use any color you want; but, I decided to mix the brown and black grout to make a dark rich brown color that I thought complimented the copper color of the pennies well.

How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Naomi Haverland

Grouting can be messy!

Bathroom Tiling Step Seven:  Seal the Deal

The last step was to cover the entire wall with a coat of glossy polyurethane. That preserved the variegated tones in the pennies. Without the sealer, eventually all of the pennies would become tarnished or patinaed. I preferred the wall to have a range of tarnished and shiny pennies.

TIP:  Counter tops and floors, i.e. horizontal surfaces, can be sealed with a thick layer of bar top epoxy, which protects the pennies from being touched at all.

How to Tile Bathroom Penny Wall Grout Potty Mouth Tours

Some people enjoy “scavenger hunting” for special coins hidden in the walls.

And there you have it! From a distance, the wall hardly even appears to be covered in pennies. It looks like a beautifully speckled brass surface. On the practical side, pennies are cheaper than most tiles. Not to mention they make a far more dramatic statement!

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How to Tile Bathroom Penny Toilet Lid Potty Mouth Tours

Good luck with your design and project. Please, let us know how yours turns out.

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