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Mission Possible

Potty Mouth Tours Mission

With Potty Mouth Tours, my mission is:

To share my enthusiasm and intrigue for interesting bathrooms by discovering unique, outrageous, and uh-oh bathrooms while giving them a voice to tell their stories.

To unveil bathroom creations, for fellow bathroom enthusiasts (Potty Village), they may not otherwise have the opportunity to explore.

To plant a seed and pioneer Potty Mouth Scouts around the world (other than just my friends and family), seeking and checking out bathrooms to share their stories.

Appeasing a Fetish

About Potty Mouth Tours

If you have not caught on
(and the stories they tell.)

Some might call it a mild fetish.

Anytime I go to a restaurant, business, and even a host’s home, I do not leave without checking out the bathroom(s). The curiosity, to see what personality extends and what story is told, is too great for me to pass up a peek.

I have always dreamt of having a “coffee table book” – in this case, bathroom reading material – touring noteworthy bathrooms. It dawned on my this year that I need to move into the 21st century and realized I can have my own YouTube Channel

Even better!

I hope you enjoy going on the Potty Mouth Tours as much as I have had fun taking you.

Creator & Tour Guide -

Neneh Biffinger

Neneh Biffinger Potty Mouth Tours Tour Guide and Creator

Name: Jane of all Trades or Nēneh (nickname for Adlena - my momma was a hippy and made it up)
Favorite Color: Green
Paper or plastic: Absolutely paper (then recycle)
Belief: Get at least one stamp on your passport every year.
Fact: I’m a Texas girl at heart.
Team: Go Cowboys!
Favorite Laffy Taffy Joke: Q: “How do you make a tissue dance?”
A: “Put a li’l boogie in it.”
Favorite Bathroom & Why: The one that kicked my fetish up a notch - Beatrice & Woodsley - it completes the story of the restaurant, has creative design, and one-of-a-kind features.
Bathroom Pet Peeve: Pedestal sinks in a main/master bathroom
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