Remodel Hijack Virtual Bathroom Tour – Hughes Law Firm

Remodel Hijack Virtual Bathroom Tour - Hughes Law Firm
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Rather than join ‘em, beat ‘em. This remodel hijack proves that office building bathrooms do not have to be boring. Potty Mouth Tours’ latest virtual bathroom tour tells the story of a Denver Family Law Firm that took over the remodel on their floor, using creative expression without breaking the bank. What are you waiting for? Scroll on down and click “Play” to see the virtual bathroom tour.

Remodel Hijack Bathroom Video Sneak Peek:

  • high fashion
  • travel collections, and more…

Hope you enjoy and get some bathroom ideas.

The background, Bathroom Dance Music, song requested by Lawyer, Richard Hughes, was Hallelujah (From “Shrek”). **

Hallelujah (From "Shrek"). Download on iTunes Hughes Law Firm Bathroom Tour

How the Bathroom was Discovered

As a bathroom aficionado, I am always scouting out bathrooms with a story to tell. So, how did I come across one on the 5th floor of an office building?, you wonder. Well, before Potty Mouth Tours launched the first bathroom tour video, I sought a little legal advice. After this Denver firm was recommended, I called to find out which lawyer would be the best to meet with. Related:  Be a Scout for Potty Mouth Tours Virtual Bathroom Tour Hughes Law Firm Lobby by Potty Mouth Tours When I told the secretary, on the phone, about Potty Mouth Tours’ concept, she enthusiastically told me I HAD to come check out the bathrooms on their floor because the lead lawyer remodeled them in a unique way.

It’s an opportunity for

creative expression

on someone else’s dime.” ~ Richard Hughes – lead lawyer and bathroom remodel hijacker

Hughes Law Firm Bathroom Design

Using his creative expression and the goal to have a tasteful remodel, without spending a fortune, Richard successfully hijacked the office building remodel to create unique women’s and men’s restrooms on the firm’s fifth floor.

‘You can’t stain grout!’ ~Office Superintendent ‘Bologna!’ ~Richard

Potty Mouth Tours Bathroom Tour Hughes Law Firm Mens Bathroom  Lighting A couple of the bathrooms’ unique design elements:

  • stained grout
  • granite sink countertops
  • artwork from Z Gallerie
  • grasscloth wallpaper

Richard’s favorite element of the bathrooms’ design is the narrow beam spotlighting.

“Lighting is everything.” ~Richard

Thank you for taking another tour with Potty Mouth Tours. What is your favorite element of this Remodel Hijack Bathroom Tour?

Bring it: Your feedback and comments are welcome in the Comments section. Honesty is appreciated, haters are not. Have Fun: We encourage you to participate and use the rating system on each Bathroom Tours post.

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**Sony/ATV owns the rights to this song. When we win the lottery, we will buy the rights and re-do the video.

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