Shout Out: One of a Kind Art Your Walls are Begging to Host

Shout Out: One of a Kind Art Your Walls are Begging to Host
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Have you walked through an art gallery, show, or festival and passed an art piece that made you stop, back up, and linger in amazement? You may have even reached for your wallet because you “had to have it now”. Or, only grabbed a card of information and, once you got home or back to the office, wished you had the piece to display?

Well, the latter is what happened to me while zigzagging through the 260 exhibitors at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival last month. Twice, I stopped dead in my tracks and lingered in the booths of two different, yet similar mixed media artist booths.

So, this month’s Second Saturday Shout Out (SSSO) goes to Will Armstrong and Benjamin Frey, the artists that gave me non-buyer’s remorse and now I am playing eeny, meeny, miny, moe because I want them all.

Mixed Media Artist Recommendation Will Armstrong and Benjamin FreyIt’s time for Second Saturday Shout Out and give credit where credit is due. Each month Potty Mouth Tours shares the love by giving kudos to a deserving person, company, or product related to “all things bathroom” and open your eyes to something new.

Check out the dilemma and Shout Out details below, then I want to hear your SSSOs.

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bathroom wall art Benjamin Frey

Snapshot of Benjamin Frey’s work on his website.

One of a Kind Art

As you have probably heard, Potty Mouth Tours believes that bathrooms tell a story and are an extension of a brand and/or personality.

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And, the work of Will and Benjamin portrays this story telling element in unique ways. These two artists capture moments in time and you become a tourist of their memories, travels, and experiences.

BONUS: If you have a favorite memory you want captured, you can commission them for your own original, truly one-of-a-kind story.

“They are like visual metaphors blending our memories and desires into an experience which is at once personal and common: bridging the space between our individual lives into the realm of our shared imagination.” ~ Benjamin Frey

bathroom wall art will armstrong

Snapshot of Will Armstrong’s work on his website.

Similar but Different Art Styles

Both artists draw from their experiences, travels, and photographs and use collages for their underlying canvas that “provides an interesting visual texture“.

  • Will uses a collage of vintage maps and sheet music that are relevant to the journey and location subject.
  • Benjamin layers papers and pages from school books and antique encyclopedias related to the theme of the piece.

When you look closely at both artists’ work, you begin to realize the underlying, intimate details and symbolism that relay the story beyond the actual drawing or painting.

” Chances are, we met somewhere on the road.There are always new and amazing places to stop while I’m traveling. There are stories to hear and tell and there is artwork to leave behind.” ~ Will Armstrong

On Will’s Butcher Map – Cow print, I spied the road map of a journey I had taken in college through Indiana and a recipe for Meat Ball-Beer Casserole that I would not mind testing. This piece is a perfect addition for a kitchen or a fun touch on a bathroom wall of a meat lover.

Benjamin’s whimsical Summer Breeze print tickled my tummy and took me back to childhood (or last weekend’s) memories of riding the swings during trips to carnivals. My fascination for this piece was increased as I read the chosen words defined on the faint encyclopedia pages. There are several of Benjamin prints that my walls are begging to have and are holding a place to welcome them one day.

Your Choice

I am certain my walls are not the only ones begging to welcome one (or more) of these artists creations.

Which piece is calling to you?

Or, what memory from your life’s journey would you want Will or Benjamin to recreate with their story telling art?

Who do you want to give kudos to today?  Shout it Out in the comments section.

Bring It: Your feedback and comments are welcome in the Comments section. Honesty is appreciated, haters are not.

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