Shout Out: Apple’s One to One – 100% Recommendation

Shout Out: Apple's One to One - 100% Recommendation
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Apple is known for its innovative products and unmatched customer service. Beyond the sleek instruments, it is the consistent technical support, specifically Apple’s One to One program that has earned them the next Second Saturday Shout Out (SSSO) from Potty Mouth Tours. As with Web Designer You Can Count On, this Shout Out is not necessarily “bathroom related”, but read on and you will find out why it is SSSO worthy and why several technicians receive credit in our bathroom tour videos.**

Apple One to One Review and RecommendationIt’s time for Second Saturday Shout Out and give credit where credit is due. Each month Potty Mouth Tours shares the love by giving kudos to a deserving person, company, or product related to “all things bathroom”.

Check out my Shout Out details below, then I want to hear your Second Saturday Shout Outs.

Apple One to One – Take Your Skills to the Next Level

When I purchased my MacBook Pro more than a year ago, it was a big leap of faith for me to move from my PC to a Mac. I mean, Microsoft and Windows were all I knew and I had speedy skills on them! Since that Apple virgin day, I have not looked back with any regret.

Apple Logo One to One Review RecommendationNot being a natural computer geek, I need all the help I can get. Now, I am now faster on my Mac than I ever remember being on my PC, and a big reason is for my One to One program purchase and the technicians’ dedication to me and my projects, as if they were their own. What started as a weekly personal training appointment to learn the new Apple shortcuts and features turned into a regular, if not daily, range of appointments for specialized programs.

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When Potty Mouth Tours was just a dream, I was dabbling with editing photos in iPhoto. By the time Potty Mouth Tours launched, with the help of the One to One training, I had taken my skills to the next level and was upgrading from the free iMovie software to the worth every penny, Final Cut Pro program.

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“And if you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, you can sign up for One to One training when you buy a Mac.” ~ Apple’s website

Learn Your Way with One to One.

If anxiety during any formal training has not proven to you that people learn differently, take my experience at the Apple Store during One to One training to prove the point. Luckily,  there are options between:

  • Personal, which offers true one-to-one time;
  • Group, which is usually filled by the true beginners (some that do not even know where the Power button is located); and,
  • Open Training, work independently on your project with others during free-form, question asking session.

I learned quickly not to return to the Group Training and to approach an Open Training table cautiously. The occasional two week wait for a Personal Training time often proved to be a better use of my time.
Apple One to One Recommendation Schedule a session

One to One Session Topics

“As a One to One member, you’ll be able to attend sessions on a wide range of topics.”

Apple One to One Topics Recommendation

Almost any project you are working on or any Apple product you want to improve your skills on, the options are available with these 16 topics to choose from.

One to One Review


  • Easy access with multiple stores, 16 topics, and three training options.
  • Good investment considering what personal training would cost on the streets, you cannot really beat $99 per year.
  • The Peeps – They are passionate about Apple, the programs, and often your projects.

**This review would not be complete without a huge Shout Out to my favorite fellas at the Aspen Grove location. Thank you, Greg, Nick, and Ross for your continued help making my video tours possible while keeping the hair on my head!


  • Training Availability – For a hot topic or busy store, it can be challenging to get a training spot the day and time you want.
  • Limited Availability – Unfortunately, this program is only offered to individuals purchasing a new Mac from Apple.
  • No Auto-renew – This could be viewed as a “Pro”; but, relevant to the previous point, if you miss the grace period to renew, you lose this amazing training option.

The overall verdict is a five toilet paper roll (Top of the Line) recommendation.

What is your experience with the Apple One to One program?

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