Shout Out: Painter, Designer, Humorist Naomi Haverland

Shout Out: Painter, Designer, Humorist Naomi Haverland
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We all appreciate some form of art – music, theatrics, bathroom design… It takes skills to develop that art for you to appreciate. Without the creator, we would miss out on that visual and mental stimulation. Recognizing my experiences would be void without that stimulation, the next Second Saturday Shout Out (SSSO) from Potty Mouth Tours goes to Denver artist, Naomi Haverland.

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Denver Artist Naomi Haverland RecommendationIt’s time for Second Saturday Shout Out and give credit where credit is due. Each month Potty Mouth Tours shares the love by giving kudos to a deserving person, company, or product related to “all things bathroom”.

Check out the Shout Out details below, then I want to hear your SSSOs.

Denver is a Small World

I have always said the world may have six degrees of separation, but Denver only has one degree. Case in point:  Naomi and SCUM of the Earth Church.

“Currently, Naomi is spending a lot of time painting, doing laundry, and hoping to one day become a “real” artist.” ~Naomi’s website

The first time I ever experienced Naomi’s work and heard her name was at the Denver Chalk Art Festival, where she definitely proved to be a “real” artist. The chalking that caught my attention, and many other’s, was Denver Finger Stache and crowned her the 2013 People’s Choice Winner.

Denver Chalk Winner 2013 Naomi Haverland

The next time I, unknowingly, came across her work was when I scouted out the bathrooms at SCUM of the Earth Church for possible bathroom tour videos. It was not until I chatted with Naomi, to find out more about her bathroom designs for the Women’s Bathroom, that I put two and two together. Church to Naomi – one degree.

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SCUM of the Earth Church Bathroom Tour Potty Mouth Tours Toilet Seat Art
Painter, Designer, Humorist

Most artists are good at more than one thing, and Naomi is no different. While her style, technique, and interest may be similar, her inspiration for creations and the outcome are unique, creative, and awesome!

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“I am also totally into “outside art environments” and I try to visit as many of them as possible when I am traveling…

They typically involved recycled found objects and mosaics.” ~ Naomi

Naomi Haverland Art Potty Mouth Tours Shout Out

Naomi’s snapshots on her blog

As I mentioned in a previous post, a designer with a sense of humor is a complete bonus; and, an artist that does not take themselves too seriously brings entertainment.

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Naomi is one of those artists. Even in her “About Me” description on her blog, she has the sense of humor to not take herself to seriously and celebrates the playfulness in life.  From her Facebook posts, to her bathroom designs, to her paintings and chalking, Naomi brings entertainment for her viewers and a smile to my face.

Thanks, Naomi, for bringing entertainment to my already amusing “moonlighting”, Potty Mouth Tours.

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