Shout Out: Smile Squared Review

Shout Out: Smile Squared Review
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Smile Squared Review and RecommendationIt’s time for Second Saturday Shout Out. This month’s kudos goes to Smile Squared and their promotion for smiles around the world. Check out my Shout Out details below, then I want to hear your Second Saturday Shout Outs.

Smile Squared – Big Impact

Smile Squared Toothbrush BoxMy first introduction to Smile Squared came from “Brushes with greatness” an article in Entrepreneur Magazine. My first intrigue was the eco-friendly product:

* 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Handle
* 100% Recyclable Box
* 100% High Quality Bristles

My second impression was their heart, story, and mission “…to offer practical, sustainable solutions to help improve the overall health and educational needs of children around the world.”

The latter quickly became the larger draw to check out this organization and its products.

Smile Squared Mission

Smile Squared wants to “…give every child the health and confidence that comes with clean teeth.” and they “…believe even small, everyday products, like toothbrushes, can have a big impact on the world.”

Saving the world one toothbrush at a time.

After traveling on a dental clinic trip to Central America, the founders were impacted by the children who did not want to smile because their lack of confidence – a result of poor dental hygiene. Their goal soon became providing access to dental hygiene to bring the children’s smiles back.

Buy One, Give One

Smile Squared’s goal is being accomplished by their 1:1 Buying to Giving Ratio.

When you buy one Smile Squared toothbrush, they will give one to a child who does not have one.

Even the avid electric toothbrush user can contribute to the cause. For those with a giving heart, but do not need a new toothbrush, you can donate two brushes for the price of purchasing one.

Smile Squared Toothbrush Review

It was a painless process to navigate the Smile Squared website and order a toothbrush. You have the choice of a child or adult sized toothbrush for $5.95. Or, as previously mentioned, you can choose to pay the same price and donate two toothbrushes. I opted for the adult toothbrush, so I could give an accurate report about the product.

My nifty new toothbrush arrived within three days with recycled packaging and a picture of a child benefiting from the donation.

The design is slick with the slight curves, visible grain pattern, and engraved “smile squared”. It would make for a perfect camping toothbrush.

Smile Squared Toothbrush handle


  • Aesthetics for the design geeks
  • Biodegradable materials for the tree huggers, like me
  • Warm and fuzzy feeling for the do-gooders
  • Quality and good value for the necessity
  • Quick delivery for the instant gratification seekers


  • Head size – For those with smaller mouths, the children’s size may be a better option.
  • Firm bristles – While they are good quality, the adult toothbrush bristles are firm. The website does not state what type of bristles are used for the adult toothbrush. The children’s states the bristles are soft.

Smile Squared Toothbrush handle

The overall verdict is a two thumbs-up recommendation. Considering the awesome cause, affordable price, and quality product, Potty Mouth Tours is happy to give a shout out to Smile Squared.

Have you purchased or used a Smile Squared toothbrush and have feedback to share?

Who do you want to give kudos to today? Shout it Out in the comments section.

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